4 Ways To Make Your SR22 Insurance More Affordable

If you have recently committed a serious driving infraction, in order to get back on the road, the court may require you to file an SR22 with them. An SR22 is an official form, completed by your insurance company, that proves to the court system that your insurance complies with all insurance requirements in your state and is current. This form signals to your insurance provider that you are a high risk driver; thus, many insurance companies charge people who need SR22 forms filed with their state high premiums. However, you are still just purchasing auto insurance. Here a few tips to help keep your premium lower while you need an SR22. 

Know The Exact Date Your Traffic Infraction Occurred On

The first thing you need to know is the information surrounding your traffic infraction. Make sure you know:

  • the date you received the infraction
  • the time you received the infraction
  • the location and county where you received the infraction
  • and exactly what the infraction is for.

You are more likely to get a fair quote that does not overcharge you if you are honest when you call for a quote. Provide them with all the details so they can determine what rate they think is fair.

Also, keep track of the date your infraction occurred as well as the date when you will no longer need an SR22 documentation. When that date arrives, you can negotiate your insurance rate again.

Give Detailed Information About Your Driving Habits

Just like with a regular insurance policy, certain details can help lower your insurance rate. Even though you will most likely be paying a higher premium due to the SR22 requirements, by providing details about your driving habits and history you can help lower that rate a bit.

You will want to provide any new insurance company records of your previous insurance coverage. It will greatly help your rates if you do not have a gap in your insurance coverage history. 

If you were infraction free until this serious infraction occurred, let your new insurance company know about your previous driving history. Your long history of safe driving could benefit you. 

You may even be able to install a device in your vehicle that keeps track of when you drive, how often you drive, and how you brake. Your insurance company will then use this information to adjust your insurance rate based on the driving date they collected.

Take A Class

Show your insurance company that you are dedicated towards becoming a better driver by taking a few safe driving courses. You can inquire with your insurance company and see if they have any recommended driving courses. Completing a few drivers' courses could help lower your insurance rate, even with an SR22 requirement. 

Haggle Over The Deductibles

Finally, just like with any insurance quote, you can haggle the details and see how that influences your insurance rate. See if you can raise your deductibles; this is a common strategy for lowering your insurance rate. You can also opt to carry the minimum amount of insurance instead of full coverage if the rates are currently too high for you to afford. 

Even if you are required by the courts to have your insurance company file an SR22 document on your behalf, you can still negotiate your insurance rate. Make sure you provide your new insurance company about all the information surrounding your infraction, as well as detailed information about your driving habits. Try taking a class to show your dedication towards being a better driver in the future. Finally, don't be afraid to haggle over your deductible and coverage. Even with an SR22 requirement, you should still be able to negotiate your insurance rates a little bit. 

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