Three Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Auto Insurance

With summer vacation now in your rear-view mirror, September is an ideal time to sit down and take a closer look at your household finances. An effective way to save some money is to think about your auto insurance bill and come up with some ways to reduce the amount that you pay. While you can commonly lower this bill over time, thanks to safe driving, there are other methods you can adopt that can lead to quicker savings. Instead of going through the process of getting quotes from other companies, stick with your current provider but make some simple changes and you'll have a smaller bill to pay each month.

Don't Commute With Your Vehicle

Commuting to and from work with your personal vehicle is often convenient, but doing so leads to a higher auto insurance rate because of the extra miles you're driving each week. If it's geographically possible, finding an alternate method of commuting and then relaying this information to your insurance agent can translate into savings. Consider arranging a ride with someone in your neighborhood or taking public transportation. If you're close enough to work, focusing on fitness by taking your bike can provide exercise and stress reduction. Whatever your choice, leaving your vehicle in the driveway will save you money.

Improve Your Driving Skills

Defensive driving courses teach you how to be aware of hazards on the road, improve your reaction time and make safer choices behind the wheel. Graduating from this type of program will also translate into a lower auto insurance bill. Find a certified program in your city -- you might wish to ask your auto insurance agent if the company has any recommendations -- and then it's just a matter of graduating from the program and providing your insurance company with a copy of your certificate. The company recognizes that you're a safer driving by lowering your insurance bill.

Add An Anti-Theft Device

An aftermarket anti-theft device reduces the chance of your vehicle being stolen or broken into, which is something that your auto insurance company will look upon favorably. Although this cost-saving strategy does involve an initial cost, the expense will pay for itself in a number of months because of the reduction in your insurance bill. It can be useful to speak to your insurance agent before you have a system installed to determine if the company provides different discounts for different types of anti-theft systems. When you find the right system, you can have it installed, provide proof to your agent and you'll soon see a drop in your bill.

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