Five Good Reasons To Carry Renters Insurance

According to ABC News, only about one-third of Americans who rent their homes carry renter's insurance. Many think that they are covered by their landlord's insurance. However, that insurance only covers the structure, not your personal property. But, that's just one reason to carry renters' insurance. Why you need renter's insurance 1. It's surprisingly affordable. Since the money that the insurance company will have to pay out to a renter compared to a homeowner is much less, the yearly premium for renters' insurance is also much less. [Read More]

Is Your Teenager About To Get Their Driver's License? 4 Steps To Keep Them Safe On The Road

The new school year is just about to start. If you have teenagers, that means it could be time for driver's education classes and driver's licenses. Unfortunately, that also means you might be spending time worried about your kids as they get behind the wheel by themselves. Unfortunately, statistics show that 16-year old drivers have a higher accident rate than any other drivers.  Luckily, there are some steps you can take to help prepare your kids for the responsibility of being a safe driver. [Read More]

Safe Driving Ideas For Teens

Keeping your teens safe on the road is probably a big priority as a parent. Here are some ideas for safe driving for your teenagers.  Invest in Driver's Education Programs The first thing to look into is teen driving programs. These programs will use a trained driver's education teacher to introduce your child to the perils of the road. It will cover some of the most important mistakes that new drivers make on the road. [Read More]

What Types Of Insurance Does My Restaurant Need?

When you're insuring a new restaurant, know that there are a variety of insurance types that can help to protect your business. Here are some of the most important types of insurance to consider.  General Liability Insurance General liability insurance is a great starting place for businesses of all kinds. This type of insurance is designed to pay out a reasonable amount for a broad range of potential restaurant business disasters. [Read More]