Top Reasons To Invest In An Auto Insurance Policy That Includes Collision And Comprehensive Coverage

Almost every state requires automobile owners to carry auto insurance. However, these laws only mandate liability insurance—this type of auto insurance policy only provides coverage in the event that you are found liable for an accident. With liability auto insurance, your auto insurance company will pay for the other driver's medical bills as well as the cost to repair or replace their vehicle. If you own a car, you may want to seriously consider an auto insurance policy that provides comprehensive and collision coverage in addition to liability coverage. [Read More]

Homeowner's Insurance Coverage For Disasters

Different types of home disasters are handled differently by home insurance policies. Here are some of the common types of disasters that you might face, along with what you can expect from a homeowner's insurance policy. Fires Fires are generally covered for your home, whether they are manmade or natural disasters. If your home is completely destroyed by a fire, then your insurance should pay the full amount of your coverage. [Read More]

4 Reasons Life Insurance Is Worth The Investment

If you're looking to save money and keep your monthly expenses low, you may be avoiding purchasing life insurance. This is not an expense that should be ignored at all. At any moment, your life may be taken away from you without warning. It's important to have a proper plan in place and life insurance is one way that can allow you to better plan for the future. Keep reading to better understand the reasons why you need to invest in life insurance. [Read More]

Insurance Coverage for Lightning Damage to Your Home and Personal Property

If your home is struck by a bolt of lightning during an approaching storm, your standard home-insurance policy should cover damage caused by fire. The policy should also cover damage to your home's central air-conditioning system and any electrical appliances or electronics that were plugged into outlets at the time. According to the Insurance Information Institute, home-insurance claims for property damage caused by fire and lightning involve the most money. Therefore, if you aren't sure about what's covered if lightning strikes your home, the time to get answers to your questions is now, not later. [Read More]