Safe Driving Ideas For Teens

Keeping your teens safe on the road is probably a big priority as a parent. Here are some ideas for safe driving for your teenagers. 

Invest in Driver's Education Programs

The first thing to look into is teen driving programs. These programs will use a trained driver's education teacher to introduce your child to the perils of the road. It will cover some of the most important mistakes that new drivers make on the road. Many driver's education classes give each student hands-on driving experience in a a safe environment away from other drivers, and your teen will get one-on-one attention to help correct any problematic driving instincts before they become engrained. 

Choose a Safe Car Model

Another thing that you can do to boost safety is to choose a safe car model in the first place. Many new vehicles have advanced crash avoidance technology that will slow or stop the car when it's about to come into contact with another object. Some cars also have rear view cameras so that the driver can see what's behind them as they go in reverse. Even if you can't afford something as costly as this, it pays to look at a vehicle's safety ratings and make sure that it has ample airbags. 

Chaperone Them

As your driver gets comfortable on the road, it often helps to have a second pair of eyes to make sure that the teen doesn't make any big mistakes when driving. Although driver's education can be valuable, your teen driver will still need a lot more practice before they become completely proficient as a driver. Consider spending time driving with your student and helping them correct little mistakes they make. 

Set Rules for Technology Use

Technology can be a major distraction for teens on the road. It helps if you set some family rules to dictate when your teen can and cannot use a phone or other device in the car. 

Choose a Comprehensive Auto Insurance Plan

Finally, choosing the right auto insurance plan is important. Be sure that your plan has comprehensive auto insurance coverage for collision repair, since you may find that your teen driver has a few minor incidents with hitting curbs or objects as they learn to maneuver the vehicle. If you're not sure what type of auto insurance coverage to get for your teen driver, ask a broker what they recommend for new drivers. 

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