Is Your Teenager About To Get Their Driver's License? 4 Steps To Keep Them Safe On The Road

The new school year is just about to start. If you have teenagers, that means it could be time for driver's education classes and driver's licenses. Unfortunately, that also means you might be spending time worried about your kids as they get behind the wheel by themselves. Unfortunately, statistics show that 16-year old drivers have a higher accident rate than any other drivers.  Luckily, there are some steps you can take to help prepare your kids for the responsibility of being a safe driver. Here are four suggestions to help keep your teenage driver safe on the road.

Increase Supervised Driving Time

Even if your teen has received behind-the-wheel training as part of their driver's education program, that's still not enough practice. Before you allow your teenager to receive their driver's license, spend some extra time practicing with them. The increased practice time will help ensure that they're adequately trained before heading out on their own.

Prohibit Passengers

One reason that teens are so excited about receiving their driver's license is that they want to drive with their friends. Unfortunately, it's those early trips with friends that can prove to be so deadly, especially when teens are first learning how to drive on their own. According to statistics 62% of teenagers who die in traffic accidents were in a vehicle driven by another teenager. Protect your teenager, and their friends, by prohibiting passengers.

Provide Inclement Weather Practice

Driver's education courses can't always teach teenagers how to drive in inclement weather. That's where you come in. Before your teenager takes off on their own in the family car, make sure they have spent time practicing in inclement weather. Be sure your teenager has experience driving in the typical weather conditions they'll encounter in the region where you live. This will ensure that your teenager doesn't get stuck in a snow storm and not know how to drive home safely.

Restrict Cell Phone Use

You've told your teenager not to use the cell phone while they're driving. However, even with the best intentions, temptation can get the best of them. Unfortunately, just a momentary temptation can lead to tragedy. To prevent tragedy, restrict your teenagers cell phone use in the car by providing them with an emergency-only cell phone. These phones can be programmed to dial 9-1-1 only. This will ensure that your teen isn't tempted to answer a call or a text while driving.

If your teenager is about to get their driver's license, make sure they're going to be safe behind the wheel. Use the safety tips provided here to help protect your teen while they're on the road. For other helpful safety tips, be sure to talk to an auto insurance provider, such as Stanger Tom Insurance.